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What is Turfpool?

Turfpool is a blockchain real estate market giving you the possibility to own any land you desire.

A total of 6,796,359 Turfs are available across the world, 29% of which are on land.

Buy a Turf, make it grow and put it up for sale.

All transactions are processed on the Ethereum blockchain, so each transaction is fully secured and stored in the ledger.


Getting a Turf

Browse the map and right click on the spot where you want your Turf.

Once the transaction is sent, the Ethereum blockchain takes care of the rest.

You can also purchase existing cities and capitals to gain population and go up the leaderboard.

Turf types

Basic Turfs

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Capitals and cities

These Turfs are spread across the map and most of them already have large populations.

  • Montreal
  • Tokyo
  • Indianapolis

*HINT: Find some cheap capitals to quickly grow your empire.

Population and growth

Basic Turfs start with 50 population.

Population grows every day. Growth rate depends on the Turf type. The starting growth is:

  • Bronze
    19 pop/day
  • Silver
    38 pop/day
  • Gold
    76 pop/day

As you Turf grows, it will transition through the Turf levels and gain visibility on the map.

  • Hamlet
    50 - 200
  • Village
    201 - 2000
  • Town
    2001 - 100000
  • City
    100001 - 1000000
  • Conurbation
    > 1000000

Every citizen gets a growth bonus proportionnal to the number of Turfs they own.

  • 5 Turfs
    5% growth bonus
  • 30 Turfs
    30% growth bonus
  • 500 Turfs
    500% growth bonus

How do I start?

Browse the world map and right-click to buy your first Turf, it's that easy!

The lowest initial purchase price is set to 0.005ETH depending on the type of Turf you select.

Once you have your Turf, you can put it up for sale at any price you desire. The Turfpool network will find a buyer and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to your Ethereum wallet.

Transaction processing requires Metamask.

Turfpool is open for business!
*** Click here see what the fuss is about ***